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Jewish Food – Page 2 – MrsMeshugga

Lois Millman is now running the office and the Nosh Nook

If you want to meet her at the JCC to purchase any of these items, just give her a call at 604-716-3948!



In the Cabinet:


Achva Tahini 500 grams


Israeli Lior Kosher seal salt  500 grams


Gold’s Borsht 24 oz.


Kedem Grape Juice 650 ml


Kedem Sparkling Grape Juice 850 ml


Matzoh Ball Mix (gluten free) 5 oz.


Matzoh Meal 16 oz.


Potato Latke mix 6 oz.


Bissli chips 70 gm


Wafers, Lemon or Chocolate



Shabbat Candles pkg. Of 10


Yahrzeit Candles 24 hour  


Yahrzeit Candles 7 day


Havdallah Candles



Assorted Cards


Kiddush Cup & tray, silver plated




In the Fridge

Pickles: Nathan’s or Putter’s 1litre


Beet horseradish


In the Freezer

Ungar’s Gefilte Fish 567 grams


Honey Cake 425 grams



*Ask us about items you want to see in the store and we'll try our best to get them for you.

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