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The costs of membership for 5783 (2022-23) are:

      • Full Membership: $800
      • Pay What You Can Tier 1: $630
      • Pay What You Can Tier 2: $360
We have moved away from previous models where the cost is tied to the number of people in a household. We recognize that regardless of number of people in a household, everyone's finances are different and COVID-19 and current inflation rates have impacted households differently.

Our centre is at a critical time, financially. If you are at all able to pay the full membership, regardless of household makeup, we ask that you do so to help keep us alive. For those unable to meet the full membership, we are offering two tiers of pay-what-you-can membership. 

All are welcome in our community. For those who are unable to meet the PWYC rates for the 5783, please connect with us to confidentially discuss fee-remittance.

Payment for membership and/or donations can be made via check, etransfer, or cash. We are also able to send you an email invoice to pay via credit card with PayPal (no account needed). Please contact us at to arrange payment or donations. We are presently working to create an easier online payment system.

Current members can renew online here.                        

Non-members interesting in finding out about membership should call us at 604.541.9995, or email, or by mail at WRSSJCC, #32, 3033 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC  V6P 1B8.

Include your name, address, email,and telephone number, and someone will contact you.
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