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Buy Gift Cards — Support the WRSSJCC

Does your family eat food?

Then, why aren’t you participating in the WRSSJCC Gift Card Program? The program has been in place for several years now, and although it produces a consistent stream of revenue, usage has been far below expectations.

How the Program Works

Most large retailers, and many smaller ones, allow us to purchase gift cards from them at discounts which range from 2% to 10%. We re-sell the cards at face value and the WRSSJCC keeps the difference.

What Does it Cost You to Participate?

Let’s consider a $100 supermarket purchase. If you normally pay for your groceries by cash or cheque, there is absolutely no cost to you at all. You simply buy the gift card from us and then use it at the store. The WRSSJCC earns up to $7. depending on the store. You earn exactly the same “frequent shopper” benefits as before.

If you normally pay by debit card, you may actually save money depending on what your bank charges for debit transactions.

A more complicated situation arises if you normally use a credit card that pays you “rewards” based on usage. For example, some premium credit cards offer a rebate of 1% on purchases. If you use one of these cards, you will save $1 on a $100 grocery purchase. With our gift card program, you lose that $1, but the WRSSJCC earns $7. You may consider that a worthwhile trade-off!

We Make it Easy for You!

Most organizations that sell gift cards have a big sales push a few times a year. Customers fill out an order form, enclose a cheque, and a week or two later, receive their cards. However, the WRSSJCC keeps a supply of cards for the most popular merchants. You can place your order and pay through our website and receive the cards almost immediately. Don’t use the internet? Call in your order to 604.541.9995.

What Cards Can You Get?

We currently stock cards for Choices Markets, Safeway, and Save-On Foods.  We are usually able to get cards that we don’t have in stock within a week.

How Important is This?

Think about how much you spend on groceries alone each month.  If every family spent $200 per month using gift cards, the total contribution to the WR/SS JCC would be well over $10,000 per year!

Think about it!

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