Movie Night Nora's Will

  • 24 Jun 2014
  • 7:30 PM

Movie Night
Tuesday, June 24, 7:30pm

Nora's Will

Winner of 7 Mexican Academy Awards
Best Picture of the Year

Nora's Will is a comedy like nothing you've seen before, a truly unique tale of lost faith and eternal love from one of Mexico’s most talented new filmmakers, writer/director Mariana Chenillo.

When his ex-wife Nora dies right before Passover, José (Fernando Luján) is forced to stay with her body until she can be properly put to rest. He soon realizes he is part of Nora's plan to bring her family back together for one last Passover feast, leading José to reexamine their relationship and rediscover their undying love for each other.

This story begins when Jose finds out that Nora, the woman he'd been married to for 30 years and then divorced, has committed suicide. The rabbi explains to Jose that due to the celebration of the Passover festivities, together with a few other factors, if Nora is not buried that same day, they will have to wait almost five days to be able to carry out the burial. It turns out that before she died, Nora devised a Machiavellian plan in order for him to take care of her funeral. But she missed something, a mysterious photograph left under the bed that will lead to an unexpected outcome which will remind us that sometimes the greatest love stories are hidden in the smallest places.

Cost: $10. Movie munchies will be available!

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